Monday, May 4, 2009

The First Update!

I would like to start by saying that I have never felt so accomplished in my life.  Being on True Life: I Don't Like My Small Breasts was an amazing experience.  It changed the way I look at life, and I think I have changed for the better!

Filming the show was a lot of work.  It was a shit load of hours or constantly being on camera, and it got a little annoying, having to repeat things.  But I really don't have a lot to complain about.  Overall it was really fun!  And I am sure the shooters loved when I burped... haha because I was miced-up and every sound that came from my mouth was blaring in her ears.  Oopsy.  Sorry about that!

A lot of things happened that didn't make it to the show.  In the early days of filming, I took a trip to a crazy store called Harry's Occult Store.  My friend, Jes, and I went there to try to get some more herbs to help my boobs grow.  Well... O man, this place was crazy.  There was a guy who was a psychic, and he told the future by listening to spirits.  And then there was a woman who gave me only one real piece of advice... to read three affirmations to myself 10 times each, every night before I went to sleep.  She said (an really believed) that if I kept telling myself that my boobs would grow, that they would... well... grow!  ummm yea... TRIED THAT, and look what good that did me. o well

Even though there were some crazy things that happened during the filming, I really enjoyed all of it!  My main goal, aside from wanting to express my need for bigger breasts, was to reach women who can relate to my story.  Since the show first aired, I received so many emails from girls who have the same exact story as me, and they were really touched by the show.  That really means the world to me.  There are so many people in the world, with body image issues, and I think it's important for everyone to know that it really is an emotional inner struggle, that haunts you ALL THE TIME.  Not liking something about your body, is not a small thing, it really is tough.  And it's a lot to take in, and consider.  

Personally, I am extremely happy with my decision to get implants, and I know that this is not an option that everyone would choose.  In the show, I decided to get the surgery in the second to last scene.  In "real" time, the show filming took about 4 months, and it wasn't until the middle of the 3rd month that I came to the decision.  I was SOO against plastic surgery my whole life, and it is amazing how I reached that point where I felt it was the only REAL option I had.  All in all, every one's personal story is a little different, and I am not saying that getting implants is the "right" thing to do.  It was just the best thing for ME!

I was a little upset that MTV didn't allude to the name of my company.  It is Pure Bliss Entertainment.  You can see our page at  We don't only provide go-go dancers to nightclubs, we also have a wide variety of models and performers, and we even have choreographed performances for large events!  If you are interested in booking out beautiful girls and sexy guys, email us your event details to

OK guys, I have a lot of work to do.  I am happy to start this blog, so I can update everyone all at once!  Feel free to comment or email me any personal comments or questions!  


  1. can i see of pic of what your boobs look like now

  2. Hey! I hope that you check this and update a lot more. I just saw you on the show today! I payed attention because I, too, have small breasts. Its nothing that really bothered me before. I was trying to think "Why do their breasts bother them so much but it doesn't bother me?" I realized that you and the other girl are involved in an industry that relies on the appearance of your body and making your body look as appealing as possible.

    And if I wasn't so in love with dancing, I would just be like "Psh, okay well, whatever". I never really thought about how having small breasts could hurt me if I seriously pursue this world of dance. I thought that I would just dance for some artists and "try out for Dallas Cowboy chee... oh..." a friend told me about how they pay for their girls to get implants... :/ And I've even considered working for hooters or becoming a go-go dancer (saw your page! It looks like a job I would love to go to). I don't know how much my small breasts would affect me.

    I would hope that I wouldn't fall under the pressure. I don't like the way fake breasts look and I can't imagine being happy with implants. Sometimes I think about movie stars and actors who have something about them that people probably told them they needed to change and now they are famous for it...

    So I dunno... I don't even know if you read all of that. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not insecure about my small breasts and I hope it stays that way (though, I'm sure the extra attention would be nice if I did become a waitress... I'd have to show off m ass some how). I guess that means I need to be REALLY good at what I do so I can surpass the girls with bigger breasts, huh?

    I live in Dallas, TX, btw. If I was in Philly, I'd totally email you about becoming one of your dancers.

  3. What nationality are you?

    I'm half asian/half white and I have tiny boobs as well! I have always been self conscious with my body and my breasts. I have nightmares about my body image...but this show really has helped me realize that I am just human.

    What was that natural breast enhancement product you used? Would you recommend it?

    I've thought about getting breast implants... please update and tell us all how it goes!!!

  4. I also wonder how your fiance feels about the fact that you got the implants. Is it hurting you guys financially? Is he upset about it? He really seemed to dislike the idea of altering your breasts and he seemed upset about how much emphasis you put on them. What did he say?

  5. where were you dancing on true life? was it roxxy? do you know when it was, I think I saw myself...

  6. I just realize something. I have never been that insecure of my small breasts, but maybe that is because I put most of my focus on my insecurity of my hair and skin problems on my chin. Everyone's different, huh

  7. hey christina i hope you check this i found the name of a tool an excersise pole that you push in and out and it moves the breast muscles increasing the size and firmness...go to

  8. What was the name of the natural breast enhancement you used and how much was it? Would you recommend it??