Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Such a nice surprise

Last Saturday I was dancing at Blue Martini in Bally's in Atlantic City. It was a loooong night. I danced 30 minute sets from 1am to 6am! When I was getting down from my 4th set, a girl came up to Kera and I and asked if we could take a picture with her man friend. This is very normal! We get that a lot, and I think it's only because we are hardly wearing anything and they want documentation of it so when they tell their friends, they have proof. :) About 2 seconds later I felt a tap on my shoulder, and immediately I thought it was someone else asking for a picture (once one person asks, it seems like the whole club wants a picture too! haha) This beautiful, young woman came close to me and and asked me if I was MTV. I told her I was. She went on to say, "I was so emotional watching your show, because I feel exactly what you feel. I watched your episode about 3 times and every time I missed the ending. I have small boobs too, and I am scared to get surgery. Are you getting surgery?" So I told her that YES I am getting it! And she looked concerned. "Aren't you scared? It's going to be so painful." I said, "Yes, it will be painful, and I am prepared for that, but I am SO desperate that I will do ANYTHING at this point. About 5 months ago, I wanted nothing to do with surgery because it scared the shit outa me, but now i am ready!" She was astonished. I can understand why, I mean if she didn't see the end of my episode it makes sense. The entire show up until the last 10 minutes, I was COMPLETELY against implants. And that must have confused the hell out of her. haha. Before I excused myself to go to the dressing room, I said to her, "I made my decision and it took a lot of time, thought and soul searching. YOU need to do what is right for YOU! I will not tell you to 'get implants' because you may not have gotten to the point I am. Everyone is different. Good luck!" She almost cried.

I walked to the dressing room thinking, WOW, I actually influenced women that much!? That is such an amazing feeling. For all you women out there who related to my story, I will give you the same piece of advice. Do what works for you. Don't let other peoples' decisions sway you. It is YOUR body and YOUR choice of what you want to do with it. Good luck to everyone who is in my position or a similar one. I really hope things work out for all of you!

I am in the midst of making an appointment for a consultation with a different plastic surgeon. I decided that I want more opinions from professionals. I really loved Dr. Pollard, but I just want to be sure that there isn't another doctor out there who will be a better fit for me. Because I feel that I deserve the BEST!

Until next time... peace, love and happiness! :)