Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Winter Update

Wow, it has truly been forever since I have touched this blog! I'm ashamed to have abandoned it for so long, but I have been extremely busy with work! (And I really can't complain about working too much, because I LOVE my job!)

Over the past few months I STILL get people stopping me and asking me if I was on True Life. And every time I don't expect it at all. People have really surprised me when saying they 'cried during my episode' or just 'really felt for me and understood exactly where I am coming from.' I really can't express enough how much it means to me that I have hit a chord with so many viewers. That really was my honest goal in being a part of the show. It wasn't for my 15 minutes of fame, or to get people to recognize me on the street. I really just wanted people to learn about my battles with my breast size and for girls with similar emotions to realize that their "problem" is felt by so many. You aren't alone ladies! And it's becoming very apparent to me that more and more women are "opening up" to the fact that it's ok to have small breasts and NOT like them. And for some, wanting to make a change, to feel better and more secure about themselves, is normal too!

I have been asked this numerous times by friends, family, and viewers of my episode, "Are you still getting them done?" And the answer is: YES I still, very much so, want to get my breast implants. And I YES, I am still saving up for the surgery. It may not be the greatest thing to admit, but I have credit that definitely reflects my miss-use (to say the least) of my credit card, within the end of my teen years. So, getting a credit company to sign for a finance plan for my surgery is nearly impossible. Therefore, I need to save up the cash myself before I can even schedule my appointment. So, bottom line: I am still getting my breasts done, just don't know when...

I wanted to leave you off with a great piece of news! I recently received a call from an MTV producer! She asked me if I would like to be a part of True Life's Follow-Up Show! After doing a short interview over the phone, I told her that I would love to be a part of the follow-up and to keep me posted with details as the project progresses. SO, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get the call saying I am in the show! I guess only time will tell! Wish me luck!